Men’s Vintage Bell Bottom Jeans

Vintage Mens Bell Bottom JeansAs the vintage clothing craze continues to sweep the younger generation, men are becoming more immersed in some of these fashions.  This includes bell bottom jeans, which have only recently spread over into the male genre.

The primary difference in men’s bell bottom jeans can be found in the contrast of the foot opening.  Whereas women’s styles typically feature a much more defined bell bottom, the male version is not as forthcoming.  This is due to a combination of factors.  Women’s jeans in general are tighter fitting to the leg which defines the bell bottom more.  Men’s pants are also wider and thicker, limiting the amount of coverage this novelty style can add to the design.

There are several ways that men are incorporating bell bottoms into their modern look.  The first is with a full vintage ensemble that accurately matches appeal from the era.  The second is through wearing tight fitting bell bottoms and matching them with a thin top.  This “skinny look” is a popular trend for men who contrast the bulky athletic figure stereotyped in many fashion promotions.

The evolution of bell bottom jeans into male fashion has been much slower compared to female fashions.  While many modern trends balance their permeation through both markets, bell bottoms are simply not for everyone.  But for men who like to define the latest and most creative fashion motifs, there are very few options as noteworthy as vintage bell bottoms.

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