Getting Tight with Hip Huggers

One of the most popular categories of vintage jeans is the hip hugger styles of the late sixties and seventies.  As modern fashion styles have to begun to sport variations of this classic style, more and more people are looking to old denim outlets for a more unique approach to this trend.

The primary differences between the hip huggers of the past and those currently produced can be found in the rise of the waistline and tightness of the leg fit.  Modern hip huggers ride much lower on the waist region, typically well below the belly button.  They are also much tighter around the knee and calves.  This is a product of the boot cut style that was released soon after the millennium.

Vintage hip huggers offer a significantly different cut from their modern counterparts.  The waistline is much closer to the naval cavity and the legs are generally much looser fitting.  While this style may not appeal to everyone in today’s culture, shoppers who outfit themselves in a complete retro wardrobe enjoy the authenticity that only real vintage can provide.

It is safe to say that hip huggers will remain popular for the next few years.  Their penchant for forming to the curves of the legs and bottom make them an easy way to define your body while still enjoying the comfort of jeans.


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