• Using Coffee Grounds to Make Vintage Jeans ??

    Make Vintage Jeans

    Just to prove there are no creative limitations for creating your own pair of vintage jeans, we found this video with instructions on how to dye your denim with coffee grounds. In the end it is a pretty simple process…just soak your jeans in a bucket with the unused coffee grounds.  Make sure you use a filter to avoid making a mess!  The guys in this video used a pair of panty hose which seemed to work well. This technique opens […]

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  • Tips to Give Your New Jeans a Vintage Look

    Old Jeans

    Even though there are plenty of places to find vintage jeans, some people prefer to simply make their own jeans look used since they prefer the newer brands and styles.  But getting your jeans to look worn and comfortable can take forever if you try to wear them out naturally. Luckily there are plenty of cheap and effective ways to get a vintage look with simple techniques you can do in your own home.  From sandpaper to bleach sticks, a […]

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  • How to Care for Vintage Denim


    Finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy task.  Everyone has unique curves and features in their body – some that we like to accent and others that we want to hide.  As much as the fashion designers believe that we can all be labeled by our waist and leg size, the truth is very few people are a perfect fit for the mass produced jeans available at the mall. When you finally do find a pair that matches […]

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  • Original Jordache Jeans Commercial

    jordache jeans

    Remember the unique look of Jordache jeans?  They were the first company to truly understand how a woman needs to look and feel in a pair of jeans.  Here is one of their original commercials from the late seventies.  A lot of things have changed since then, but Jordache certainly inspired the cut and fit for many of today’s denim designers. (allow 3 seconds to load)

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